Top-5 Website Builders 2024. Part 1 - Wix

Top-5 Website Builders 2024. Part 1 - Wix

The problem of creating a website that brings income to its owner has become surrounded by a few myths and stereotypes.  In recent years, the optimal solution for most entrepreneurs, especially in small businesses, is a website builder.

The main advantages:

1. Easy to manage.

2. Easy integration with payment systems, analytics, built-in marketing tools.

3. Not as many hacks and problems as open systems like WordPress.

So, let's list the best products on the market, with the main criterion for selection - easy administration panel, which allows you to fill and promote the site.

Wix is one of the best website builders in the world and the most popular. For example, more than 65 million websites have been developed on Wix. This is more than on any other website builder or online platform.

Advantages Wix the following: a simple editor, a lot of templates, excellent add-ons, among which we can highlight applications for multilingualism, creating commercial sites for sales on drop-shipping system, solutions for online training and seminars.

Three main disadvantages of Wix:

1. Limited Design Flexibility: While Wix offers a wide range of templates to choose from, the platform's design customization options are limited compared to other site builders.

2. Poor SEO Optimization: Wix's SEO capabilities are often criticized for being inadequate. The platform's websites tend to have slower loading times and limited optimization options, which can negatively impact search engine rankings.

3. Limited E-commerce Features: Wix's e-commerce functionality is also limited compared to other site builders. The platform offers basic features for online stores, such as product listings and payment processing, but lacks more advanced features like inventory tracking and shipping integration.

The tariffs for services are not the lowest. The optimal option is $150, and for the operation of the online store $300, but from time to time starts a very attractive system of discounts and you can take these tariffs for half price.