Top-5 Website Builders 2024. Part 2 - Weblium

Top-5 Website Builders 2024. Part 2 - Weblium

In the first part we looked at Wix. But for beginners and those who like simplicity and style, it is not always the best choice.

The optimal choice for beginners, of course, is Weblium, because it is the easiest builder, but, at the same time multifunctional builder.

Current rates for premium services - June 2023

Current rates for premium services - June 2023

Its editor is self-explanatory, there's a site creation checklist, and there's a clever virtual design assistant and online support.

The main features of Weblium:

- Unique, editable templates

- AI design-assistant

- Full site adaptability for all devices

- Pop-up and cookie-banner

- Marketing integrations and feedback forms

- Ability to add your own code

- Include your own domain

- SSL certificate

Users have the ability to change the arrangement of blocks, change the text, its font and color. It's the same with images. Not only that, but you can use both your own images and those from the free Unsplash library. You can change the main color, which are the accents on the entire page, or you can not change anything at all.

SEO. Websites, created on Weblium, are easily indexed and easily found by search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo). You can optimize your site and attract organic traffic.

Marketing integrations and convenient feedback forms. The designer allows you to develop your business and attract the most leads. You can analyze your web page in more detail and set up effective advertising by connecting Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Yandex.Metrika, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, AmoCRM, Binotel. Automate request processing, implement chatbots, and get the highest conversion rates.

Pop-up. You can change their size, appearance and text.

Analytics. You don't need to use third-party services, because everything is displayed in the settings: the number of page views, unique visitors, responses from forms, top locations and even traffic sources.

Blog. It will attract more traffic to the site.Unfortunately, the blog widget is possible to maintain in one language and there is no possibility to duplicate in multi-language mode.

Third-party code. It's possible to add the desired integrations, CSS-styles and blocks using your own code.

Sharing. You can invite editors who will be able to change its content and leave comments. But they won't have access to the domain, they won't be able to delete the site or create a copy of it.

There are drawbacks. But they are much less than those of the competitors. The first is a strange problem with the header, which is not duplicated in all language versions of the site. Unfortunately, we either have to leave the design in all the language versions in the same language, or we have to change the design of the main language version.

The second problem is the inability to separate designs for mobile and desktop versions. For example, if you reduce a font in the mobile version, it is automatically reduced in the desktop version.

But, as the saying goes, the road takes the walker. I personally really like this platform, the design, capabilities, ease of editing. Try it yourself, you might like it. If you use the services of our agency, you can get nice bonuses:

1. Free logo.

2. Up to 25% discount on premium packages.

3. Discounts on website advertising up to 50%.

Click the order button on the home page and you will be contacted to discuss in more detail all the advantages of site on Weblium.You can also register on the platform yourself using the following link: create a website on Weblium

Registration through our link gives you the right to receive free services from our agency to develop an effective website on the platform and a 50% discount on all our services.