Top-5 Website Builders 2024. Part 3 - Squarespace

Top-5 Website Builders 2024. Part 3 - Squarespace

Squarespace is a major cloud-based platform for creating various websites. It has been in operation since 2004, with a primary emphasis on commerce and the business sector (directly competing with Shopify). It offers a variety of additional tools and services to cater to e-commerce clients. Squarespace is particularly relevant for international projects targeting audiences in Europe and the USA. Furthermore, it may be of interest for the development and upkeep of extensive, intricately designed blogs, as well as corporate websites.

Prior to registration, the system will prompt the selection of a thematic template. To streamline the search process, a series of key questions will be presented. These can be bypassed if desired. Account creation can be linked to existing profiles on Google, Apple ID, or Facebook. An interactive wizard will then guide you through the essential settings, including page creation and editing, as well as customization of the site's appearance.

Three tools will be needed to work directly with the pages of the site:

1. Pages section. Here you can add new pages and customize the settings of existing pages, SEO attributes, images for social networks, and insert custom HTML/JS code (premium option). Pages can be deleted and duplicated, closed from indexing, organized into folders (categories). When creating a new page, you can use blank forms (there will be only a header and footer), layouts (templates of pages of different types), as well as collections (these are full-fledged sections of the site with their own type/set of pages - blog, store, portfolio, events and video). Collections have special settings.

2. Design section. These options are accessible from the control panel or the online page editor. We will discuss design settings further. Squarespace offers quick editing of styles, fonts, indents, buttons, animations, and other features. You can customize the appearance of system pages, add your own CSS code, change the site icon, and set up a lock screen (if access to the page is restricted by a password), etc.

3. Online builder. Squarespace involves constructing pages from sections, which can be either pre-made with thematic content and specifies functionality, or left empty. If a premade section is added, specific settings will be provided depending on the type of its content, such as blocks with products, galleries, etc.

In general, the builder is good for the tasks of implementing a small online store working on the dropshipping system. However, it is important to understand that registration and payment systems should be from the USA, Canada, or the European Union.